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Reiki Energy Healing

In the practice of Reiki the therapist initiated and taught how to be used as a conductor of this spiritual life force energy or Qi that resides in all living things.

In a Reiki session there is a gentle lying on of hands to activate the natural healing process of the clients body and restore physical and emotional wellbeing by letting this energy balance your seven main chakras.

Often I see images, feel emotions or sense energetic attachments during an Reiki energy healing session. Once acknowledged this often helps you release the unbalanced feelings that are affecting your chakras.

Reiki helps to remove the blocks, balance, restore and align the energies. I use intuition to know where and how to work so that you can receive a healing that is for your highest good.


30 minute $35.00

60 minutes $60.00









Shamanic Services and Shamanic Reiki


What is Shamanism?

The word "shaman" in the original Tungus language refers to a person who makes journeys to nonordinary reality in an altered state of consciousness. Adopting the term in the West was useful because people didn't know what it meant. Although the term is from Siberia, the practice of shamanism existed on all inhabited continents.

After years of extensive research, Mircea Eliade, in his book, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, concluded that shamanism underlays all the other spiritual traditions on the planet, and that the most distinctive feature of shamanism—but by no means the only one—was the journey to other worlds in an altered state of consciousness.The practice of Shamanism is a method, not a religion. It coexists with established religions in many cultures.

 Reference: https://www.shamanism.org/articles/article01.html

Shamanism has been around for better than 40,000 years and has been practiced by healers of most every indigenous culture on the planet. These ancient peoples understood what our modern culture has forgotten. There is more to healing and health than just the physical. There are, in fact, four levels of our being that must be addressed in order for us to enjoy balanced and healthy lives.

Our modern medical practices focus on the physical, our culture is obsessed with the mental, and psychotherapy addresses the emotional, but the fourth of these aspects, the spiritual, is mostly ignored if not invalidated all together.

I use a method called Shamanic Reiki which draws its foundations from concepts of shamanic drum journeying and channeling Reiki the universal live force energy to create healing techniques that are powerful and effective.

Treatment involves chakra balancing techniques, the use of stones and quartz crystals, essential oils and/or palo santo / sage clearing. The Shamanic Reiki energy, together with crystals, helps increase the flow of spiritual energy, thereby regaining the balance that was lost.



Shamanic Services

1 hour session $70.00


In this world full of energies which are often carry a lower vibration. These energies can attach to a person making you feel exhausted, detached and just blah. Extraction is a process of removing those energetic attachments to improve your well being, by reclaiming and restoring your energy. It is important to note that energy is not good of bad, it is just energy.

This Shamanic session is an interactive session which involves both the patient and the myself the channeler. I will use my drum, my intuition, power animal and spirit guides to locate any obstructions that may be causing you physical, emotional or spiritual problems. Once the obstruction is located, I help you the client neutralize this object.

For example, if it is rough, I will ask the client to imagine that it is becoming smoother; if it is cold, prompts you to make it a little warmer, and so on. The protocol continues until the object has been totally neutralized. At this point, the Shamanic practitioner asks you the client whether you would like the object to be assimilated into her body or removed. If the client requests that it is removed, then the practitioner proceeds to slowly move the object with her hand up to the client's right shoulder and down her arm until it reaches her hand.

The practitioner then places a special rock or crystal into the client's hand so that the energy of the obstruction is absorbed. After the client indicates that the obstruction has been fully absorbed into the rock or crystal, the practitioner removes the stone and drops it into a bowl of seasalt water, which clears away all remaining energy. It is important to note that energy is not good or bad. It's just energy.

The session closes by asking the client to visualize a beautiful yellow or white light coming up from the earth and entering her solar plexus, moving throughout her entire body and totally cleansing her of all negativity, illness and releasing blocked energy.

The Shamanic Reiki session continues with the practitioner sending more Reiki into the place where the obstruction once was, balancing the client's 7 main chakras using stones and giving a general Reiki healing to close the session.

It is a beautiful experience to have a Shamanic Reiki healing. Many clients have reported seeing stunning visualizations or meeting their personal high spirit or animal guides!!!


Power Animal Retrieval:

Through a drum journey I am able to to find your very own Power Animal that is part of your spiritual being.  Power Animals help us get in touch with our souls own wisdom. Different animals have different energies; each of us has our own individual power animals that help us navigate our human experience.

Another unique aspect of Shamanic healing is that often ancient spirit and animal guides are often appear to help with healing and giving energy to the client.

Being in direct communication with these powerful guides can greatly assist with the clients healing. Knowing your Power Animal(s) helps with life! The qualities your power animal has are often ingrained in your spirit and knowing these behaviors or habits often brings light to your thoughts feelings and actions.


Guided Drum Journeys:

The drum is used during these Shamanic Journeys in order to create a non-ordinary state in which you can access your souls highest wisdom. I will guide you through your own drum journey, so please come with an intention, or question for your current animal spirit guide to help you with. Often after your first journey you have more questions so I leave plenty of time so we can journey on them together! 




After all energy healings you will receive a drum shower and sage clearing to lift your vibrations and your spirit as you take on the world! 




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