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Corporate Chair Massage Pricing

Chair massage for your workplace!

Healthy employees create a healthy business.

Chair massage focuses on just the upper body, head and neck area, and is a highly effective for stress and pain relief.

Chair massage is $1.00 per minute with a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes

How employees will benefit -

Chair massage in the workplace offers many advantages to your employee:

Reduces muscle tension, a major contributor to chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries and low back pain.

Boosts alertness, reduces stress, increases circulation, calms the nervous system by providing a complete change of pace so the body and mind can relax and rejuvenate.

Employees may pay for themselves, and usually love the opportunity to do so.

How Employers benefit!!!

Chair massage increases employee effectiveness! Research reports that massage enhances alertness and helps increase employee productivity.

It enhances work relations - Employees who receive chair massage find that the quality of their work relationships improve, both with each other and customers.

It reduces employee turnover - When employers invest in the well-being of their employees, the return is improved moral and loyalty!

It is a wellness program people actually use - It gives employees a tool for controlling their responses to stress. When they recognize tension and strain it causes, they can release it before it becomes a problem. They take advantage of chair massage because it is convenient, easy to use and most of all because it feels good.

It makes a great incentive! - Chair massage is a wonderful way to recognize birthdays, years of service, anniversaries, or rewards for good attendance or an accident-free period, or give a bonus for achieving goals or completing projects.

If you would like to have chair massage at your workplace, holiday party or any special event I am also available at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour, per massage therapist.

The hourly rate will allow you to have up to 10 people per hour receive 5 minute massages. This is a great idea when hosting a larger party of people!

(Minimum of $150.00 or 3 hours)

Or an employee pay option is available - call for logistics, announcements, and scheduling!

Give it a try!!! Set up a one-time trial event such as a wellness program kick-off!

Travel may be small amount extra depending

on mileage so call for a complete quote today!